Isabelle Barter :: Phoenix Yoga Instructor

Phoenix based Yoga Instructor specializing in individual and group private sessions, corporate wellness, and Yoga Tune Up ® 

"we don't stop playing because we grow old; 

we grow old because we stop playing."

 --george bernard shaw


Scottsdale Pilates & Yoga (SPY Fitness)

Roll & Restore (Yoga Tune Up® & Restorative Yoga) - Thursdays & Saturdays 11:00am

SPY HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) - Wednesdays 6:30pm

Yoga Body Sculpt (Stability & Strength for Yogis) - Wednesdays 5:30pm & Thursdays 10am

One Body One Mind

Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball Rolling & Candlelight Yoga - Mondays 7:00pm

Phoenix College (by enrollment, email me for more info)

Wednesdays 11am


Please contact Isabelle for private, small group, and corporate Yoga pricing and information or to schedule a Functional Movement Screen

What is Yoga Tune Up®? 

Yoga Tune Up® helps erase pain, improve posture and enhance performance using a blend of Yoga, corrective exercise, and self-myofascial release with massage therapy balls.  You learn to identify “body blind spots” - areas that are overused, underused, misused or abused.  Classes are designed to highlight joint mobility and stability. The results are immediate relief from chronic tension, increased power through a greater range of movement, increased strength and healthy, supple joints. YTU allows a practitioner to custom-fit poses and postures that help them practice their favorite activities and movements - pain free for a lifetime.

What is The Roll Model® Method? 

The Roll Model® Method provides you with self-care strategies using four different Roll Model® therapy massage balls.  You'll learn how to relieve tension and restore the soft tissue surrounding your joints.  Classes focus on conscientious breathing, self massage techniques, and relaxation to leave you feeling your best.  

Isabelle Barter Yoga :: Movement is my Medicine :: Phoenix, Arizona